10 Things I’m Doing to Pass the Time

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With so many states in the US making it mandatory for citizens to stay close to home to prevent new cases of COVID-19, it's become necessary for us to have a game plan.  This is what I plan to do with my time.

I don't know what day it is at this point.

I started working from home a week ago and although I do go into the office a couple of times a week, my entire world has been flipped upside down and I'm not hating it. Yet.

When the news started warning us about Coronavirus, I honestly thought that they were blowing things out of proportion to amp up ratings and increase engagement on social media. It didn't once occur to me that the reason they weren't sharing enough information was that they didn't have enough information.

Well, over the past couple of weeks, sh&$ has gotten real and we're now living in this new world where we're all germaphobes and thinking back to every medical disaster movie, zombie movie, and alien invasion to dictate what we should do next. I'm honestly surprised no one has tried setting up camp inside of Costco.

Preparing for a Pandemic

I have friends who do disaster prep as part of life. They have an entire cellar full of canned food, dry food, and pet food just in case all hell breaks loose or they get stranded at home during a terrible snowstorm. I always thought this was a good idea, especially since my car can't drive for sh&% in the snow (we never really HAVE snow, so why spend the extra $4,000?). But I never followed up on my goal of stocking up on stuff.

My partner and I buy food and other supplies as we need them. He's a big fan of baked chicken and I love stir fry vegetables. We have one freezer – it's the bottom drawer of the fridge in our kitchen and there isn't a lot of room for storage. We also have two full-sized freezers in the garage, but they're for the dogs.

Anyway, I headed out to stock up on things that I thought we needed. I asked people for advice and even Googled a shopping list. I'm not a pro, but I think I did good and I'm glad that I did it early because cities are now telling people to stay home (nor ours – yet).

Things to Do During a Pandemic

As I soak up all the news that I can tolerate, I'm no longer wondering if our cities will shut down as we're told to stay home – I'm wondering when the decree will finally be announced. What the heck are we going to do for one or two months?

It's not all sad and self-pity – we live in five acres, we have five dogs and a cat, we have cable, internet, loads of movies and TV shows. We can entertain ourselves, right? So this is my plan…

1 – Rewatch a Favorite Television Series

One of my favorite television series is The X-Files and the entire series is on Hulu. I'm going to start from Season 1 and take it all in again. I love Mulder and Skully and thought the first movie was fantastic, I liked the second movie (it was okay), and I soaked up the series when it returned. And then there's True Blood, Tudors, and, of course, Vampire Diaries.

2 – Go for a Daily Walk

As long as I don't test positive for COVID-19, I think I can still be outside – we live on five acres so there's plenty of space between me and other humans. Plus, our property borders a walking trail and I'm going to start going on daily walks. Some walks will be with the dogs and I'll take a few solo-walks with Audible Escape (the romance package) as my company. I'm a sucker for romance stories. Hell, I may even start running or riding my bike again.

3 – Weed the Flower Garden

Spring has sprung and all the plants and flowers are coming back. But so are the weeds. I may as well clean up all of the flower beddings before the weeds take over everything. And, while I'm at it, I'm going to harvest the dandelions for my dogs' food. Although weeding isn't my favorite chore, I'm looking forward to this because it's hard work and I love the ache my body gets after working hard. Plus our flower beds will look so pretty.

4 – Purge the House

Clearing out the junk has a way of relieving stress for me. I started last weekend – I chose a room, emptied it out, cleaned it up, and made a trip to the dump. It was exhilarating and the room looks so good. I didn't take as long as I thought (a couple of hours) and now I'm going to choose a room each weekend. Hopefully, the dump stays open – I actually just realized that it might close down.

5 – Start a Blog

I currently have two blogs and the other day I came up with an idea for a third blog. So I may be starting a new blog while we're sitting around the house. My goal is to have five blogs by the end of 2020 and turn them all into passive income. I need retirement money. And raising five dogs isn't cheap.

6 – Learn Something Cool

I love learning and I have several courses sitting on standby for when I have time to take them. So I'm going to take a few courses, starting with the online course offered by Kachina Wellness and the raw feeding course offered by Dogs Naturally Magazine. I also invested in Masterclass and plan to take some courses there – I'm most interested in marketing, business, writing, and branding.

7 – Write a Book

I've written two books that are currently being sold on Amazon. I have another book, or two, in me. I can even update the first book and re-release it or I can write something new. A Novice's Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs was released in 2018 and Keeping it Raw was released in 2019. It's time for a new book.

8 – DIY Projects

I'll be honest and share that I'm not very handy. My partner is the one who fixes everything in the house or on our property. But I'm not completely useless. I have more than 100 essential oils along with supplies to make shampoo, air freshener, lip balm, and body butter. So I'm going to crack open my collection and get handy.

9 – Catch Up on My Kindle

I have about ten books that I pre-ordered and have sitting on my Kindle – it's been months and I need to tackle this stack of virtual books. I love a good series and I can't wait to jump back into the worlds of my favorite characters. It's been too long. Working from home is nice, but it's easy to work for hours straight without a break other than playing with the dogs. I'm going to make a point of ending my day at 5 pm and reading a book for an hour after feeding the dogs.

10 – Count My Blessings

So, this won't take a ton of time, but I plan to do it several times a day because spending time on social media has shown me that we got it good. Neither of us is sick, our dogs are healthy, we have jobs still, and we have plenty of supplies. It blows me away when I see people get annoyed with others during this time, but everyone deals with stress differently and it's not my place to tell others how they should behave. I just know that we're doing good and I need to acknowledge that all day, every day.

Being Thankful During a Pandemic

I've had to unfriend and snooze a lot of people on Facebook recently. I'm unfriending people who are showing some personality traits that don't jive with me. Maybe this is a worldwide conspiracy to take away our freedom, but I don't want to focus on that right now so – bye. And maybe people should calm down because more people die of heart attacks or suicide than Coronavirus, but try saying that to someone who just lost a parent – bye to you too.

I finally had to take a much-needed break from the nightly news and negative people on social media. I asked myself, “what can I learn from this,” and the first thing that came to mind is that I need to slow down. All of this started a week after some crazy drama on social media that resulted in me learning the truth about how a few “friends” feel about me. And then BOOM!!! Coronavirus happened and I forgot all about the drama. It's funny how that happens – who has time for that bullsh%$ when we should be focused on staying healthy?

This is a fantastic opportunity to stop, reset, and start again – but more slowly and with purpose.

We're competing against each other for – what? I don't know. We're bickering, gossiping, impatient, unkind, trolling, annoyed, triggered, and on and on. I'm exhausted. Aren't you?

If Coronavirus is an entity that is coming here to tell us to slow the hell down, then I'm going to listen. It just sucks that it's taken a pandemic to get me to stop and reassess what's important.

Take care of yourself.

With so many states in the US making it mandatory for citizens to stay close to home to prevent new cases of COVID-19, it's become necessary for us to have a game plan.  This is what I plan to do with my time.

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