Charlie’s Angels Again? Does This Reboot Work?

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The Charlie's Angels reboot may not win any awards, but it was a fun movie to watch and I recommend it for a Ladies Night (after happy hour) or a movie night at home.

Last weekend, Katrina and I went to see Charlie's Angels. This one was a tough one for us to decide on. At first, based on the previews, we weren't interested in seeing Charlie's Angels. It looked too campy, the acting looked bad, and there wasn't the need to have another reboot. Right?

And then I listened to an episode of the Armchair Expert that featured Elizabeth Banks and I found out that she wrote and directed the new Charlie's Angels. I love her work – well, most of her work (Power Rangers wasn't so great) – and I was willing to give Charlie's Angels a shot.

Katrina wasn't on board yet.

A review of the movie turned Katrina around, but by the time that happened, a few more previews made me shove Charlie's Angels to the “I'll catch it on cable” category and was ready to move on. And then Katrina bought movie tickets.

So, here's is my brief review of Charlie's Angels.

Charlie's Angels Movie Review

I don't know if it was better than the first reboot – it's probably more honest to say that this was different and newer. As much as I love the actresses in the first reboot, I found the movie a bit too campy at times. It was cute, but . not what I expected having grown with the original Angels on television. This second reboot came close to the “too campy” label a few times, but never fully embraced it.

In this new version of Charlie's Angels, there is a true Female Power message with women being the hero. The story goes like this – a rich man who owns a tech company has his hands on a product that is meant to be used for good but, of course, it's going to be used to destroy the world. A whistleblower, Naomi Scott (Kimberly – the pink Power Ranger), connects with the Angels to prevent this from happening.

We're initially introduced to Sabina (Kristin Stewart – Bella of Twilight) and Jane (Ella Balinska) as they take down an Australian criminal. And we learn that there are several Bosleys. It's not a name, it's a rank and Elizabeth Bank's character was promoted from Angel to Bosley.

That's all I can give you without accidentally ruining the movie. But, spoiler alert, the Angels win.

Kristin Stewart Can Act!

I've loved Kristin Stewart since the Twilight Saga. Her awkward energy was endearing, but I wondered how much of her Bella character was actually her and would transition to other movies. In the first movie, everyone seemed awkward, but by Breaking Dawn, I loved everyone. Is this a problem with the actors or the script? After the Snow White and the Huntsman movie, I became convinced that she was choosing projects that weren't the best fit.

And then I recalled that I didn't know what the hell I was talking about and returned to being a viewer and kept trying to understand acting.

Kristin Stewart blew me away in Charlie's Angels. She was still her awkward self, but with a ton more confidence. She was funny and kept me laughing throughout the movie. And although I don't foresee any oscar nominations in this movie's future (but who cares, really) I left the theater looking forward to a sequel.

A Sexist Movie that Nobody Wanted

I saw this statement in a comment about the movie and rolled my eyes. I'm so over our inability to have a good time. The movie was fun. I didn't find it sexist at all. I think the reason it didn't do well in the theaters is that the reason to see the movie wasn't there.

None of the previews made me want to see the movie. They were splashy but awkward. And who's clamoring for a Charlie's Angels remake anyway?

The idea that moviegoers aren't interested in a female action movie is offbase. I think moviegoers are just fed up with reboots, which can be seen in many attempts. Like, I'm kind of excited about a new Terminator movie, but I'll wait until it lands on DirectTV to watch it. Why? Because I don't think another movie is worth going to the theater, especially after the last snooze. Hated it.

Final Thoughts on Charlie's Angels

This is a fun movie. We laughed too loudly at times, there was a boring period about an hour in, but, all in all, I think it's a fun movie.

Should you go see it?

Yeah, grab a group of friends and head out for a movie night after hitting up happy hour. You'll have a blast!

I'm new to movie reviews and decided to come up with my own rankings based on when you should see a movie. Some movies (Star Wars) are worth buying tickets the second they become available, other movies can be postponed until they land on cable or Netflix:

  • Oh, I'm Buying this Movie
  • Before it Leaves Theaters
  • Pay Per View Must
  • Perfect for a Movie Night at Home
  • Hated It

The Charlie's Angels movie is Perfect for a Movie Night at Home. This isn't one of those movies that need a big screen (or movie theater prices) unless you're planning a Ladies Night out with friends – then Charlie's Angels should be seen Before it Leaves Theaters.

The Charlie's Angels reboot may not win any awards, but it was a fun movie to watch and I recommend it for a Ladies Night (after happy hour) or a movie night at home.

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