Ian Somerhalder Took Over My Weekend in V Wars

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V Wars is a new Netflix series that explores what would happen if humans evolved into vampires.  Here are my initial thoughts.

I have a bucket full of guilty pleasures, including Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf. These are easy to watch and entertaining. You can have them on as background noise or you can sit down the get swallowed up by Forks, Mystic Falls, or Beacon Hills.

The other day, I was wondering why we don't see many of the actors from these shows. Did their contract include revenue from streaming allowing the actors to take a much-needed break from their characters? Or did the success of these franchises typecast them so that we only see Bella, Damon, and Scott?

After mulling this over for all of 10 seconds, I picked up the remote to find my new Netflix addiction and that's how I came across V Wars.

Although Ian Somerhalder's face is on the image, I didn't immediately recognize my favorite vampire. Instead, I read the synopsis and thought “yep, this is for me,” and started watching.

OMG – this show is so good and there isn't an OUNCE of Damon Salvatore in Dr. Swann.

I'm five episodes (at the start of this review) in and love every minute. It's not what I expected, but I do have a lot of questions.

NetFlix's V Wars

The series opens with Dr. Swann (Ian Somerhalder) speaking about the threat of global warming. With the melting of the polar ice caps, it's predicted that viruses or pathogens (can't remember what he called it) are going to be released in the world, posing a threat to the human race.

Turns out that the threat has already begun when a science center (I'm sure they call it something else) in a horribly icy place goes dark. Dr. Swann and his best bud, Mike (who is a pilot), fly up to see what's happening. They arrive in 30 degrees below weather to see that the door to the facility is open. Upon further investigation, they see a compromised Petrie dish laying open on the floor and Dr. Swann realizes that they've been exposed to something.

After some time spent in quarantine with flu-like symptoms, they are allowed to go home. Neither contracted anything beyond a bad cold. Whew!

As they move on with their life, we see news stories of people being brutally slain and people accusing the police of covering up the details. Another serial killer is on the loose.

A New Species of Humans

As we move through the season, we learn that the next evolutionary step for humans was vampires. As a vampire movie lover, I'm down with this, however, as a person who asks too many questions, I'm scratching my head.

Why would the next step be vampirism? After we kill all of the people, then what? Will the next world be a place of factory farming with humans?

Whatever, it's entertainment, not a documentary. So I let it go and continued watching.

An Exciting Take on Vampire Legends

As I said, I love vampire movies. I love the idea of “vegetarian” vampires in Twilight. And I love the idea of vampires heading to Alaska to feed for 30 days in darkness. I own a lot of series (including Kindred, the Embraced) and movies because this is my favorite monster. And the best vampire book is, hands down, Salem's Lot.

The reason I love vampires is obvious – stay young and beautiful forever while being strong, rich, and deadly? Sign me up. I think anyone who has a violent or abusive past would be attracted to a being that can not only protect themselves but can meet out retribution like an avenging angel.

Every story has a different take on vampirism and I love seeing where writers will take it; how will they be different?

What I love about V Wars so far is that there are different sects of vampires (or Bloods, as they're called in the show). Some are violent and, so far, some are sensual. But they're all smart and can pass for humans until they decide to feed. The writers seem to take from various legends/stories to create this world of vampires and I'm here for it.

My Questions About V Wars

Despite my enjoyment of the program, I have a few eye-rolling questions. Sometimes, things happen that make me wonder if I missed an episode.

1) How is it Spread? Through Air? – although the vampirism is spreading quickly, it's not yet clear how it's spreading. Can someone contract it by being in the vicinity of a vampire? What about a vampire's victim? By the end of the first season, I realized that it's spread just like any virus – you can pick it up by being near someone who has it and it transfers faster with intimate contact (kissing).

2) How did DNS and the military learn that the vampires call themselves “Bloods?”

3) What exactly is wrong with Dr. Swann's ex-wife (portrayed by his real-life wife, Nikki Reid from Twilight and Thirteen)? Yeah, she seems a bit high strung, but is she mentally ill or something? So far, she seems BAD ASS! But how loud was her shower?

4) What's up with these small flashlights to explore dark places? Throughout the season so far, I'm asking myself why they're not carrying Mag lights. At least those can be used as weapons.

5) How many different vampires are there? How did they figure out that there are different “races?” of vampires?

Despite my questions, I'm enjoying V Wars and finished the series in two days. The ending of the last episode was kind of cheesy (but kind of hot too). Wow, Ian, been working out?

Update – July 2020 – V Wars wasn't renewed for a second season. Damn, COVID.

V Wars is a new Netflix series that explores what would happen if humans evolved into vampires.  Here are my initial thoughts.

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