Stop Screaming “FIRE” in a Crowded Theater!!!

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At this point, it seems like people who believe that coronavirus is just another version of the flu as they skip off to the beach or park with friends are coming across as irresponsible wackadoos.

I'm sitting in my living room, surrounded by sleeping dogs, it's late at night (for me) and I can't sleep. I'm wide awake trying not to stress out about the pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Despite warnings to create a six-foot buffer between ourselves and others. Despite requests to stay home, only going out on brief trips when needed. Despite the growing number of people contracting coronavirus and the growing number of deaths – people are still living their life as if it's 2019.

I keep waiting for the news that new cases are slowing. I live in Marysville, Washington and while we're not perfect, I see people standing in line with a grocery cart length between them. I see people actively avoiding crowds – leaving aisles in the grocery store to one or two people. And, other than Costco (which is only allowing a limited number of people in the warehouse at a time), I don't see crowded parking lots at the grocery stores.

Coronovirus Meme: People normally (at home, on devices), people during quarantine (walking on trails, at park).

But we're not close to the end; this is just the beginning and I can't get my head around what is happening.

I was watching the news today and saw crowds of people at Alki Beach. People in other states are reporting crowds at parks, on walking trails, and in New York, there was an outdoor farmer's market despite the shelter in place order.

What in the fresh hell is happening?

Coronavirus Deniers

People blame the media. People blame politicians. But I'm going to blame the adults who are choosing to scream “FIRE!!!” in a crowded theater to justify ignoring the advice we're all hearing on repeat at this point. All over social media, there are people sharing their conspiracy theories. I don't care and I simply don't want to hear it. What does your opinion of why we're in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic have to do with the fact that people are getting sick and dying, our economy is in a free fall, and this is our new normal for at least 12 more weeks (according to the news today).

“I have a right to an opinion.”


* Karen got infected yesterday, but she won't know until 14 days later.

*Karen thinks she's healthy and is infecting 10 persons per day.

*These 10 persons think they are okay, they travel, go out and infect 100 persons.

*These 100 persons think they are healthy and keep infecting 1000 persons.

*No one knows who is okay or who can infect you.

Do you understand why it's important to stay at home?  Be responsible. Stay in quarantine.

Yes, we all have a right to an opinion and we've gotten used to sharing every flipping thought that floats through our heads over the past decade. There was a time when we kept our thoughts to ourselves or only shared them with our inner circle of friends and family. Now, our inner circle includes up to 5,000 friends and millions of followers. We're living in a time when an unqualified individual can share their thoughts as if they're an expert, using sketchy blog posts they came across in a Google search as proof that their “opinion” is correct.

I've reached a point where I just want to scream “SHUT THE F$&% UP!!!” But, instead, I unfriend people because I can't take the stress of seeing their wackadoo opinions floating through my newsfeed when all I want to see if cute pictures of dogs and funny memes. Yeah, I'm basic.

Nurse: Unfortunately, the tests came back positive for COVID-19. You have coronavirus.

Patient: That can't be correct. I have over 40 cases of Costco water and 200 rolls of toilet paper.

People are F$%#ing Scared

The traffic to my blogs has dropped dramatically and I'm not alone. Bloggers across all niches are reporting record drops with the travel niche being one of the hardest hit. This is evidence, to me, that people are soaking up as much information as possible about COVID-19. Or they're binge-watching Vampire Diaries or some other series. The people who are trying to educate themselves about coronavirus are coming across someone sharing an “opinion” while backing up that opinion with weak “my brother-in-law knows a lady that said…” anecdotes. This sucks!!!

I had no idea that I was friends with so many professional virologists. But, apparently, Facebook is filled with them.

Celebrities complain about quarantine and sing us karaoke to tell us not to worry.

You're quarantined in your million dollar homes and don't have to worry about bills, please tell me more.

These sudo-scientists are repeatedly trying to point out that coronavirus isn't that big of a deal. They believe that the number of reported cases is being exaggerated. They're blaming one or both of the political parties for creating this chaos. Some are blaming the media and, I'll admit that in the beginning, I thought this seemed a bit like click-bait. And, my favorite, is the theory that China created COVID-19 in a lab as germ warfare, tested it out on their own citizens, and then released it on the world.

At this point. I don't really care. I just don't want to lose my job, my home, or my life. I don't want to lose my family, my friends, my dogs (because I can't care for them). I want to stop having nightmares about what's next.

Screaming “FIRE” In a Crowded Theater

This weekend, I watched a former Facebook friend post everything she could find in an effort to prove to her network that COVID-19 isn't that big of a deal. She lost me as a friend when she suggested that we just go about our lives, infecting each other, so that we can develop a natural immunity to the virus. This is her opinion despite the lack of evidence that people who survive coronavirus have are immune. I guess anyone with a compromised immune system can suck it.

How many people believe this? Are these the people who are crowding the parks and beaches despite the requests and orders to stay home?

America, Every Weekend: I just wanna Netflix and Chill LOL.

The Weekend Everyone Needs to Stay Inside: It's my God-given right to go outside and lick whatever I want.

I get it, everyone handles a crisis differently and staying home all day every day gets old fast. If I wake up tomorrow to alien spaceships in the sky, I'll most likely lose it in a very ugly way. But, so far, this is a human crisis – no aliens involved that we know of – and we're doing a piss poor job of handling things. I wish we could go back to sharing our dark thoughts with our inner circle instead of blasting it out over the world (as I'm doing now). I wish people would stop sharing misinformation about coronavirus to feel important, to get lots of shares and comments, or just to stir up drama. And I wish people would just stay home because every time we leave the house, we put others at risk.

This continued belief that coronavirus isn't a big deal is contributing to the failure of US citizens to shelter in place (stay the hell home), which is going to lead to our government forcing us to stay home in order to slow the spread of this virus.

Ummmm, have you seen pictures of Italy?

Quarantine Update 2.0: we moved onto Scrabble today, but he keeps playing the same wordQ! Isn't that cheating somehow?1

The Current Reality of COVID-19

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the incubation period of the coronavirus is between 2 to 14 days after exposure. That means that we can have it for two weeks, going about our life and passing it around to everyone we come into contact with before we show any symptoms. This is why we need to limit our contact with others.

If the grocery stores have to close due to the spread of coronavirus, then what? If the doctors, nurses, police, trash collectors, mail carries – if our service industry – many of whom come into contact with people all day every day – get knocked sidewise by coronavirus – then what?

Medical Heroes: we stay here for you, please stay home for us!

The current reality is that people are scared, anxiety is running high, and it's a slap in the face to everyone when we see so many people shrugging their shoulders and heading off to the park with friends for a picnic. And this increased stress isn't doing our immune system any favors according to several studies.

Go home!

And to my fellow anxiety-ridden people – if social media is adding to your anxiety but you want to stay in contact with humans, then start unfriending people like it's a fire sale at your favorite shoe store. They won't know or care because they're too busy trying to convince the world that COVID-19 isn't real or screaming that The Walking Dead was training for what's to come.

Oh and don't forget to express your gratitude when you do go out…

Thank you, Grocery Workers
Thank you, Truck Drivers
Thank you, Doctors & Nurses
Thank you, Delivery Drivers
Thank you, Farmers
Thank you, Law Enforcement

Valid Sources for COVID-19

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One thought on “Stop Screaming “FIRE” in a Crowded Theater!!!

  • March 31, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    I think you are a wonderful blogger…on all your blogs. I especially enjoy your youtube channel. I am thankful I passed up all social media so I am not dealing with any of the things you have been seeing. I lost my hearing a few years back and so long as I keep my hearing aid out, I dont have to listen to the news either.
    Like you, I try to get my information from reputable sources.
    I don’t know if you know Dr. Peter Attia or not, but I found him several years back on the Ted stage (if you do not know about Ted Talks, check them out, I think, with as much as you enjoy learning and as broad as your interest base is, you’ll enjoy them very, very much). Anyway, Dr. P is amazing and very well respected. He has a website with podcasts that are normally paid for, but he is doing a special series with medical experts on all this stuff and has open the C-19 stuff up for anyone to view.
    I am going to put the link here, but not for advertising purposes, so please, feel free not to post this at all. I just wanted to get you this information without emailing you directly as I think I have done this several times and am afraid you would prefer public comment instead. This link came from an email, hence the track click, but will bring you directly to the C-19 page…it is not as easy to find directly from his main web page.

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